We’ve all been there. The roof is leaking! I need a new garage! Does anyone have the number to a good attorney? When it comes time to to hire someone to take care of the daily burdens of life, we prefer to hire one of our own or someone we recommend and trust. The only problem is, actually trying to track down one of theses businesses can be difficult.

Many first-responders and military veterans, aside from keeping us safe, also provide other services through their privately-owned businesses or FRAMVOB (First-Responder and/or Military Veteran Owned Business). From general contractors to attorneys, FRAMVOB owners provide a multitude of products and services. Unfortunately, there has never been a good way to track down a FRAMVOB when you need one…until now.

Protector’s Pick is an online resource for locating FRAMVOB and other businesses recommended by first-responders and military veterans.

Protector's Pick