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Feb 15, 2017
Legal Services
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Comprehensive legal representation

We have a tremendous amount of respect for first-responders, current and former military members, and their families. Having the opportunity to help and legally protect those that risk their lives to help and protect us is truly an honor.

About Us

A unique approach to legal practice. We know that the need for an attorney often arises at a stressful time for our clients or involves decisions about matters that most would rather not consider. As such, we do our best to make clients feel relaxed and to make the experience as comfortable as possible. We try at all times to explain things in a straightforward manner and encourage questions to be sure our clients feel secure in their decisions. Our aim is to deliver real value to our clients by helping solve legal problems when they arise and by helping clients plan in order to avoid expensive or time-consuming pitfalls in the future. With decades of combined experience in legal and tax matters, our goal is to provide comprehensive representation to our clients in a vast array of areas at a reasonable cost. We understand that legal and tax representation needs very greatly from client to client. We also understand that these legal and tax concerns are not constrained by the time of day or day of the week. As such, we endeavor to be available to our clients at all times – even weekends and evenings. Our practice areas include: business, estate planning, probate, trust administration, taxation, civil litigation, family law, bankruptcy, workers’ compensation, and SSD/SSI.

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Telephone: (614) 602-6550
Fax: (866) 309-0892
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Email is the best way to reach us after hours and on weekends. Please mention this website in any communications with our office

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6740 Avery Muirfield Drive Suite B Dublin, OH 43017

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  • Arenstein and Andersen has provided expert guidance and representation during times of planning and during times of conflict. Their professional guidance is integral to the operation of any growing business.

    Greg Bodker June 19, 2016 6:18 pm Reply

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